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Why to say no the Plastic Bottles???

By on December 12, 2016

Why to say no the Plastic Bottles. We all are in the regular use of plastic bottles, but have we all ever wondered; what bad impacts it shows on our body? Every time there is always some or the other news coming up, which simply reflects the bad effects of it and the repercussions but still we all are in the regular use of it. Today, I want to draw some attention towards the bad effects and repercussions of using these plastic bottles, possibly this could help you in making the right choice for your health-

A recent study has shown that the use of plastic bottles can lower the weight of the new borns easily and its very dangerous for the pregnant women health. There was a new researched article which was published in Environment International that showed pregnant women exposed  to bisphenol in a high dose can potentially lead to the low birth weight (LBW) in the newborn children. Initially BPA, was first introduced in the Fifties, amd since then ot was used in the manufacturing of everyday plastics in the forms such as food containers, goggles, helmets, paper receipts, and the coating of metal tins and cans, which anybody uses in their everyday life used to store the food. Because of the viral fever of its use was spread everywhere it was widely used, it is found that almost everyone carries the compound in their blood at varying levels.

There are some investigators, who indeed analysed the urine samples, which was collected from a mother after her delivery, and information about the newly borns was also collected using their birth certificates. In the research total of 452 mother-infant pairs took part, which was carried out in between the year 2012-2014. Why to say no the Plastic Bottles. The LBW babies were made up 113 of these pairs, whereas the remaining 339 were matched the controls.

Why to say no the Plastic Bottles. BPA has been shown many times that it act as toxic in the humans in the previous studies. Let’s take an example, this substance is mainly known to be distructive to the endocrine system, or on the hormonal system, through the thyroid gland. We all know that the thyroid is a large gland in the neck region, which regulates the growth by secreting hormones.

The compound, which has been implicated in the increased occurrence of the obesity, where the urine analysis was also used to compare the BPA exposure with body mass index measurements. It has also been shown that it creates the bad effects on the brain and in the behavioural development in children.

So, as you all can see how the impacts are just emerging up and how still we are in tge regular use of it. I hope this would have given enough idea to just stop using the plastic.

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