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Why good girls love bad boys?

By on December 5, 2016

Why good girls love bad boys. Okay Friends the question that calls for simple answer is here to why good girls in most of the cases fall for bad boys? The answer to this can be that bad boys have a spark of confidence and attitude in them that can be elaborated and flaunted as needed and the sex is spontaneous. To describe my saying, bad boys are mostly sex intended and will get aggressive without even thinking about the other partner. Whereas, the good guy will have a sexual relations with his women and make love out of it. He will never tend to show his man power on imposes rules on his lady.

Bad Boys have an attractive attitude!

What attracts the good girls towards bad boys is the attitude they carry off and the unique style of confidence they present in order to impress girls. They have the entire knack to impress the girl and they can easily adjust themselves accordingly within seconds of time. Why good girls love bad boys. But once starting to know them from closer, it gets difficult and annoying to go through the behavior and tolerate the arrogance. There is however no difference of judging someone as good or bad, but it’s their actions that make them fall under good/bad category.

On other hand, the good girl’s gets attracted towards the bad boy easily as the boys pretend to show excitement in life and open up to girls with lots of ideas pumping in head trying to succeed with either one plan. They are never deeply in love but through their gesture they make the girls fall for themselves and then become dangerous if fallen too hard and on serious notes. So to all the good girls here’s an advice that opposite attracts but get attracted to a limit and quit of until it’s fun and not too dangerous.

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