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Where is Sindhu Menon ? TV9 Anveshana Finds !

By on December 23, 2016
Where is Sindhu Menon

Where is Sindhu Menon :

The Chandama fame Sindhu Menon is not seen in the recent times. As per the reports she is not staying in India and she is far away from the movies. Sindhu Menon was noted as a good actress with Chandamama Movie and there is no clue of her after she is married. It is still not known why she went away from the movies after her marriage. She gave many good films like Chandamama, Vyshali and Bhadrachalam which stood as blockbusters in the Industry.

Finally, it is come to know that Sindhu Menon was now staying in London after her marriage. She was settled there with her husband. She got married in the year 2010 of April and after that she went abroad. She said that she will give more importance to her personal life than her professional life, so she wants to lead a happy life with her family and then she moved to London. Now she got a baby girl as her kid and it is known that she is living a happy life. She said that like every girl she also wanted to live peaceful life with her husband and she strongly said that she wanted a happy married life.Where is Sindhu Menon

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