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What Political Analysts Have To Say About Pawan’s Recent Statements

By on December 16, 2016
What Political Analysts Have To Say About Pawan's Recent Statements

Janasena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan has been in news lately with his statements on Cow Slaughter and Rohit Vemula death.  He took to twitter and expressed his views on both the issues.  He also addressed current hot issues like cash crunch and patriotism.

He called cow slaughter and been ban is a political tactic of BJP.  He asked BJP leaders, MPs, and MLAs to stop wearing leather footwear and belts.  He said that he well address Rohith Vemula issue tomorrow.

While it is like that, the political analysts are saying that Pawan is addressing the issues that have no importance at present moment of time.  Though the issues he is addressing have their own importance, it is not the right time to address them says the analysts.

Looking at the way he is referring to senior political leaders, journalists, intellectuals etc before saying anything, he is being targeted for not having his own opinion.

Other than that, the social media is filled with satires on Pawan lately.  There was a satire that read ‘why? Trivikram hasn’t completed the script for next speech’.  Analysts are saying that if this goes like this there comes a day when Pawan has to face the questions from his fans directly.

It seems like Pawan has to learn a lot to sustain in politics to make a change.

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