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TS SSC/10th 2017 Previous Papers Sample Papers Exam Tips Preparation Tips

By on February 10, 2017

TS SSC/10th 2017 Previous / Sample Papers Exam Preparation Tips

Telangana Secondary School Exam Board is in full readiness to conduct 10TH/SSC public exams for the eligible students of the state.  The exams will be held in the month of March/April just like every year.  Students will appear for the exams in great numbers and the TS board will conduct the exams very prestigiously as the exams being annual board exams.  The exams will be held in various exam venues all across the state and students will be notified about their respective exam center by the board when the exams are close by.


Students doing their SSC/10th in both government and private schools will appear for the exams.  10th public exams are very prominent in the students’ career as they are the first ever public board exams that students face and the score plays a key role in higher level educations.  The TS board is in likelihood to conduct the exams 21st March to 9th April this year.  The board will wrap up the exams in April and will proceed with the paper evaluation, which will take about a month and half time to wrap up.  After that, the board will release the results most likely in May.

Now, as the exams are at spitting distance, all the SSC students of TS board are quite anxious and are in search of stuff that could be useful for their preparation and thereby to gain good marks.  We are here to provide you the importance of previous papers, sample papers, exam tips and preparation tips all of which will help the students to gain good marks.

Importance of Previous Year Papers and Sample Papers in scoring excellent marks


TS Secondary School Exam Board has scheduled the SSC public exams to be held in the month of March/April this year.  There is not much time left for the public board exams and all the students are getting anxious as it is the first time for them to take the public exams that too under jumbling system.  There is actually no need to worry about anything until you are a hard worker.  To gain good marks in public exams, the best way is to practice previous papers and sample papers.  Previous papers are nothing but the question papers from previous years. The old question papers will cover almost all the syllabus and important questions that will be asked in the papers.  Students can get a hold of the type of questions that will be triggered in the question paper by solving previous papers.

When it comes to sample papers, these papers are nothing but the papers that are filled with expected questions.  Many trustworthy institutes release sample question papers featuring most likely asked questions.  Though we cannot promise that the same questions will be asked in the paper as that of the sample paper, there are high chances that at least one to two questions from the sample papers could be asked.  So, we earnestly suggest the SSC students who are going to appear for the public exams this March to make sure to solve and practice previous as well as sample papers as much as possible and to get benefited by them in the best way possible.


Exam Tips for TS SSC Students

It is a well known fact that lakhs of students take SSC board exams every year, which implies that the competition will be quite high.  It is not possible to stand in the top position so easily until and unless you work really hard.  In order to sustain in the competition and stand out with good percentage of marks, students need to do hard work as well as smart work in exams.  By following some exam tips you can achieve wonders in exams.

  • First, know what is what about the syllabus. If you are well aware of the syllabus, you are half done with your preparation. Take the syllabus sheet of all subjects and mark important topics.
  • Prepare a timetable by keeping track of the syllabus. Cover all the subjects and don’t leave out any topic.  Every topic is important and you should make sure not to skip any topics.  Students are advised to prepare an effective timetable which will lead them in the success path.
  • While preparing the timetable, make sure to allot time for revision as well. If you are not allotting time for revision then you are at a great loss.  The revision alone will complete the preparation.  So, don’t skip it as well.
  • While studying, keep a book handy and jot down the topics that you feel difficult. Also, note down the formulas, equations, diagrams etc with respect to the subjects so that you can refer them in the last minute easily.
  • The most important point is to solve as many as previous and sample papers. Solve at least five to six years of old question papers.  There are quite high chances that the questions may repeat.  Also, solve sample papers released by various institutes.  Make certain to test your luck.
  • As we said earlier, don’t skip any topic. You cannot take a chance.  Make sure to study well all the topics.

Preparation Tips to score good marks in SSC Exams

  • Don’t ever postpone the syllabus you assigned to complete today. If you keep on postponing for the other day, in the end you will have bulk of syllabus to complete.  So, make certain to complete the syllabus as per the timetable.
  • If you want, follow a question bank, but don’t just follow any question bank. Follow a standard one.
  • Time management plays a key role. It is very important to learn time management in order to succeed in the exams.  Try to learn time management and solve the questions in time so as to gain a good score.
  • Concentrate more on hand writing. Though you jot down the answer perfectly, if your handwriting is not easily readable you may lose marks.
  • Finally, stay healthy and happy. Eat well and sleep well.  Stay confident.

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