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Tollywood Top 10 Villains With Their Wives Photos | Tolllywood Updates

By on January 30, 2017

Tollywood Top 10 Villains With Their Wives Photos: Tollywood villains are not just famous for their talent in acting, but also for their looks. There are many antagonists in Tollywood who made good name down in south film industry. Have you ever wondered how their wives would look? If so, read this article to find out how their wives look like. We have presented top 10 villains with their wives in our article.

Ajay is one of the youngest villains in the industry. He has been working in the movie since 2000. He tied the knot with Swetha in 2006 and they are blessed with two baby boys.

Avinash Yelandur is one of the prominent South Indian language villains. He has done hundreds of films and played many antagonist roles. In 2001, he married Malavika who is a television host and actress.

Mukesh Rishi
Mukesh Rishi is also a villain who acted in many Tollywood movies as villain. He married Keshni Rishi who is a daughter of traditional departmental store. They are blessed with two sons.

Nassar is a versatile actor come villain. He has been into movies since ages and is one of the popular villains in South. He married Kameela and has three children.

Pradeep Rawat
Pradeep Rawat is yet another Tollywood villain who got into fame with Chatrapati movie. He married Kalyani and had two children.

Prakash Raj
Prakash Raj is a very well known name to everyone. He played numerous villain roles in various languages. He has been acting from years. He married Pony Verma who is a popular Bollywood choreographer in 2010.

Raghuvaran is one of the popular actors in South India. He is famous for his villain roles in many movies. He married actress Rohini in 1996.

Rahuldev is an actor come model. He has done many villains roles in both south Indian languages and Bollywood. He married Rina in 1998 and they have a boy.

Shiyaji Shinde
Shiyaji Shinde is also a popular villain in many languages. He married Vandana Shinde.

Sonu Sood
Sonu Sood is not just a villain, but also a producer. He acted in many movies as villain. He married Sonali in 1996 and they have a son.

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