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Tollywood Top 5 Villains Remuneration | Telugu Movie news

By on February 2, 2017
Tollywood Top 5 Villains Remuneration

Tollywood Top 5 Villains Remuneration :

In General it is known that people have a lot of interest towards the remuneration of the Top heroes and the heroines. But, the unknown fact is that there are huge remunerations even for the Villain roles in the Telugu film Industry. They are the main roles to drag the movie towards the interesting way and to create good scenes with their performances. Telugu film Industry got some good actors for these Villain roles and here are the top five Villain’s remunerations in Telugu film Industry.

1. Sudeep : 2 Cr

image 1

2. Prakash Raj : 1 Cr

image 2

3. Soonu sood : 80 lacs

image 3

4. Sampath raj :75 lacs

image 4

5. Sai kumar : 66 lacs

Sai kumar

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