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Tollywood Star Hero’s 7 Unreleased Movies | Gossips

By on December 11, 2016
Tollywood Star Hero’s 7 Unreleased Movies

Telugu Cinema had its share of the movies that completed the shooting process but didn’t manage to hit the theaters. This may happen due to many reasons, because of the financial problems of the film or any technical problems of the film. For many unknown reasons, movies which started off with big productions and the Star heroes have halted abruptly. The fate of the actors can be imagined if we recall such halted movies in the past. Many big heroes’ movies and the big production value movies didn’t manage to land safely for a release due to many reasons involved with the film.

Due to this the hard work of the actors and the financial investment of the producers will go into the drain. They don’t look into back as they don’t want to recall the bad memories. Here are some movies that started off initially, but pulled back by not releasing.

    1. Narthanasala (Balakrishna and Soundarya)1
    2. Untitled movie of Chiranjeevi and RGV2

    1. Golipuram Railway Station (Venkatesh and Vamsi)7
    2. Satyagrahi (PawanKalyan, AM Ratnam and AR Rahman)6

    1. Untitled movie of Chiranjeevi and Singeetham Srinivas5

  1. The Return of Thief of Bagdad (Chiranjeevi and Suresh Krishna)4
  2. ChepalaniUndhi (PawanKalyan and Amisha Patel)3

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