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People of China are terrified to cross the glass Bridge!

By on October 24, 2016

China is a country which is almost in the top listed position in all the aspects of consideration. The tourists are terrified to cross the glass bridge in China. To give weight to the saying, the glass bridge is located hundreds of feet’s above canyon in China and is made of vertigo including the glass. The tourist are terrified to cross the glass bridge, and one man has dragged across to the other side while another was seen leading the hand as he hangs on the side rail for the dear life. The video footage of the issue was uploaded on the social networking sites and one tourist just simply dropped on the floor in a fit of the vertigo glass bridge and was refusing to move further.

This adventures bridge is Chin is said to be made of the withstand strong winds and earthquakes and can also bear up the weights of hundreds of visitors, and the bridge is also made by taking up all the safety measures into consideration of the visitor. The bridge is said to attract fears over safety and last year in October, a bridge in Henan Province was closed just two weeks after opt opened after one of the glass panes was shattered. The tourists are terrified to cross the glass bridge in China.

It is exciting to face the fear and the visitors scream out in terror while crossing the bridge. It is quite funny, and the bottomed glass walkways have become the top most tourist destination of the sightseeing by the visitors in Chin over the past few years. It is a must visit destination place and exciting also. To attract the visitors, China is under plans to make more and more new objects and thrilling yet exciting things in the country and very soon will be back with the updates.

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