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Tamannah and Nayan react on director Suraj’s comments!

By on December 27, 2016
Tamannah and Nayan react on director Suraj comments

Tamannah and Nayan react on director Suraj comments. Shocking comment was stated by the director Suraj at a promotional event of his film. The director is all gearing up for the release of Tamil action comedy film “Kaththi Sandai” that features Vishal and Tamannah in the les roles. When the director was asked for Tammy’s role in the film, he gave shocking reply. The director was asked for the heroine’s role whether a special focus to the role and costumes were given in the movie, the response slaved out saying “we are low class audience.”

The director further added up saying that the people who watch the movie enjoys more of a glamour’s heroine and hero fight and not much of the heroine costumes. The director also said that people spend the money to watch he film and they want to watch Tammy in glamour’s role. Tamannah and Nayan react on director Suraj comments. The entire statement went against him where Tammy and Nayantara gave their view saying that no one has go the right to take the heroines for granted.  The heated conversation took place among the actress and the director after the entire bash, Suraj has made an apology to Tamannah and all other heroines. Stay tuned for more masala gossips.

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