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Shocking! Sruthi Haasan’s Involvement in Gautami’s Separation from Kamal

By on November 2, 2016

As of now, everyone might have known about the shocking statement from Gautami who is in living relationship with Kamal Haasan.  It is quite shocking for all the industry folks and other people across the country. Gautami announced her 13-year break-up relationship with Kamal Haasan through the micro-blogging site Twitter.  Sruthi Haasans Involvement in Gautamis Separation from Kamal, this is the current trending news across various social media sites and other media circles.

As per the reports, Gautami has finally taken this decision due to some misconceptions between the couple for some time now. Also, there are some news that are spreading across media is that the daughter of Kamal, Shruti Haasan is the main reason behind the break-up of Kamal and Gautami. During the shoot of Shruti for Shabhash Naidu film, there was some dispute between Shruti and Gautami.

There are some rumours that the dispute among the duo might be the reason for Gautami’s separation from Kamal. This discussion has become a hot topic in the industry now.


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