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Small Holes Found On Jayalalitha’s Cheek Raise Questions

By on December 8, 2016

Small Holes Found On Jayalalitha Cheek Raise Questions. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha took her last breath on Monday.  Her last rites were performed with full military honors.  The latest buzz surrounding her death is that few small holes were found on the cheek of Jayalalitha.

The pictures of her dead body, when she was kept in Rajaji hall, were doing rounds in social media which shows some small holes on her left cheek.  Small Holes Found On Jayalalitha Cheek Raise Questions. People were raising their eyebrows on as to why she got the holes on her face.

If anyone is deceased, to protect the dead body from decay, doctors use the process of Embalming.  Embalming is nothing but the art and science of preserving human remains by treating them with various chemicals.  The process involves removal of blood from the body and injecting certain type of chemicals into the body which will protect the body from decomposition for certain period of time.

The chemicals will be injected through a needle.  Usually, the injection of chemicals will be done at back of neck, but looking at the holes on the cheek of Jayalalitha, many questions are being raised.

Since she suffered cardiac arrest, she was placed on ECMO.  Here the question is does she suffer something more than cardiac arrest and was treated secretly for that?

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