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Shruti Haasan Powerful Video Shows Everyone How to Be the Bitch Shruti Haasan Unblushed | Be the Bitch

By on October 14, 2016

Shruti Haasan has found reflexively a fan. You aren’t just an actress and a singer, but also a word male witch and this video is proof. In your husky sexy voice, you explain the word Bitch. You said what need to be said think and repeated. Mainly when you said, “Bitch is an eye roll you make to range any woman who is not your cup of tea just because she decline to pour it.” We love it when you said Bitch is a teacher who rises against a system. The shape where you said, “The bitch is a girl who said no and she shows and went away with a yes safely push in a handbag sound even now!”

But our treasure is to be that line. A bitch is a stud with boobs. Now in that one line, you said it all and you said it well. You are a rockstar in the true sense of the word. Because you dared to say this, speak this and most especially write this. Importantly, when you finish with please sign the red roses to the help. Well, that completely deserves an encore and we can’t tell you how many times we have watched it. It’s extraordinary brilliant, every word of it.

The dictionary determines the term Bitch as a difficult or uncomfortable situation or thing. And yet, in the nowadays scenario, it’s a word importantly associated with woman and dropped around insecure for any and every woman who did not affect the idea of an ideal woman.

Blush, in yet another stunning video, is asking women to embrace the word and why not, bearing in mind it’s so popularly used for their gender. Shruti Haasan does perfect justice to the video, with the metrical composition written and sketch out by her.


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