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The Security Feature of 2000 Rs Notes Lies In Gandhi’s Spectacles

By on November 18, 2016

It has been a week since the ban on the big notes is announced by PM Modi.  Since the arrival of new 2000 Rs note, there have been many rumors about the security feature of the note.  Security Feature of 2000 Rs Notes Lies In Gandhi Spectacles, many rumors did rounds saying that the note was embedded with some sensors and all.  But, all the rumors were denied by the BJP government.

Security Feature of 2000 Rs Notes Lies In Gandhi Spectacles. Now the latest buzz is that there is really a security code in the 2000 Rs note that will not allow culprits to make counterfeit notes.  If you wonder what is that security code that will free the country from counterfeit notes than you must give a tres close look into the spectacles of Gandhi.

The entire secret lies in the spectacles of Gandhi on the note.  Yes!  If you see the note in microscopic view, you can witness ‘RBI’ carved on the handle of the glasses that Gandhi wore.  This is the security feature that was embedded in the new 2000 Rs notes by RBI.

Now, it is impossible for Pakistan, ISIS, it’s military, and it’s terrorists to break this security code and print the exact same notes.  How cool India is, right?

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