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Sasikala told Amma she Won’t enter Politics

By on February 9, 2017
Sasikala Says 'NO' to Politics

Sasikala, the friend of Late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha is currently the General Secretary of AIDMK party. Sasikala Says ‘NO’ to Politics in her becoming Tamil Nadu CM. Panner Selvam has disclosed some interesting news about Sasikala and Jayalalitha. In the year 2012, Sasikala and her relatives drove out from Jayalalitha Poyes Garden. She then wrote a letter of forgiveness to Jayalalitha. Panner Selvam now disclosed the letter. In the letter, she wrote that, her relatives and friends used the name of Sasikala and committed some illegal activities. They brought bad name to the party. In addition, they planned some things so as to betray Jayalalitha.

Sasikala Says ‘NO’ to Politics in her becoming Tamil Nadu CM. All these things happened without the knowledge of Sasikala. She said, she will never betray Jayalalitha in her life. Even if she stays with Jayalalitha, she doesn’t have any kind of dream to enter into politics. She had never thought of such thing even in her dreams. She said that her complete life dedicated to Jayalalitha. She asked for forgiveness from Jayalalitha through the letter. Apart from this, Paneer said that, he had just revealed 10 percent of news and there is more 90 percent yet to reveal. This generates much interest among the people and the party members.

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