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Sasikala relatives list at jayalalitha funeral

By on December 13, 2016

Sasikala relatives list at Jayalalitha funeral: It has been exactly a month since Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha was laid to rest.  The entire state of people used to refer her as their own Amma.  Though she did not give birth to any, she was treated like own mother by one and all in Tamil Nadu.  In TN, whatever Jayalalitha says people follow it blindly.  She ruled the hearts of the people in the state with her immense love and dedication towards her work.

Taking the advantage of her good heart, ‘Chinnamma’ Sesikala has slowly climbed the success ladder.  What Amma has to do? When should she sleep? What decision to make? Everything fell under the control of Sesikala Natrajal.

This is something that everyone is well aware of, but there is something more than what meets the eye.  Sasikala relatives list at jayalalitha funeral. Sasikala has somehow managed to get control over Jayalalitha’s life and she herself got into the control of her brother’s wife Ilavarasi.

This news has been recently revealed by news daily in Tamil Nadu. Sasikala relatives list at Jayalalitha funeral. One of the TN channel has released a video that depicts how Sasikala and her family are dominating Jayalalitha and her life.

When Jayalalitha’ dead body was kept in Rajaji hall, she was surrounded by many people among which 17 members were Sesikala relatives.  Two of those 17 members are doctors themselves.  As Sasikala relatives have surrounded Jaya’s body, none of Jaya’s own relatives were able to see her body to pay last respects.

The video released shows the 17 members of Sasikala family.

  1. Doctor Venkatesh (Sasikala brother’s son)
  2. Dinakar (Sasikala sister’s son)
  3. Sasikala
  4. Baskar (Doctor Venkatesh’s uncle)
  5. Ilavarasi (Sasikala brother’s wife)
  6. Vivek (Sasikala brother’s wife son)
  7. Karthikeyan (Ilavarasi son-in-law)
  8. Priya (Ilavarasi daughter)
  9. Jai Anand (Sasikala brother Dhinkar’s son)
  10. Vikram (Sasikala brother Dhinkar’s son-in-law)
  11. Baskaran (Sasikala sister’s son)
  12. Madan (Ilavarasi brother Vaduganathan’s son)
  13. Rajarajan (Ilavarasi son-in-law)
  14. Doctor Sasikumar (Sasikala brother’s son-in-law)
  15. Divakaran (Sasikala’s brother)
  16. Mahadevan (Sasikala brother’s son)
  17. Natarajan (Sasikala’s husband)

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