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Sasikala impact on Jayalalitha Life, Amma and Sasikala Dispute

By on December 6, 2016

Jayalalitha’s thickest friend Sasikala was born in 1957 at Mannargudi. She was born to the agriculturalist couple of Vivekanandam and Krishnaveni. They belong to the influential community of ‘Kallar’, though they are not rich. We all know the ups and downs in the relation between Jayalalitha and Sasikala. Sasikala is very interested about films and the she had very interest in film actors. Sasikals’s husband Natarajan was a government employee; he is a Public Relations Officer in 1970. An IAS officer VS Chandralekha is the mutual friend that helped in connecting these two families. Sasikala impact on Jayalalitha Life. Sasikala was running a video-tape shop as she like that side, she used to record the weddings attended by Jayalalitha. That is the first time she met Jayalalitha in the year 1989.

As soon as she met her, she broke into her inner circles, they get the same choices and same feelings that made their bond to become stronger. Sasikala and Jayalalitha used to wear the same type of ornaments and clothes at their first days of meetings. Sasikala chooses everything for Jayalalitha, she bought some of the known people from her village to work in Jaya’s home. She allotted the Drivers, cleaners and the security for Jayalalitha. It is a well known rumor that Jaya and Sasikala got married in a Temple.

Guinness Record is First Case

Jayalalitha became the first CM in the year 1991. She arranged the marriage of her son in the 1995 in a grand way. That marriage holds the Guinness Record. The marriage was done in a set of 50 acres, and over 1,50,000 were invited to that marriage. On all the way from home to the Venue they arranged the Statues all over on the sides of road. They distributed the Silver plates for the guests at wedding. Tons of flowers are on the roads at the time of travelling. The wedding Invitation has the Gold makeup over it.

After this marriage Jayalalitha was into the black money case, the IT officers stated that the marriage expenditure is more than 10 crore.

Amma and Sasikala Dispute

Jayalalitha got angry on Sasikala after she knows about the mafia that is happening at the back without her knowledge, Sasikala is looting all the money of Jayalalitha. It can be seen that all the friends and relations of Sasikala are turned into millionaires. After this, in the year 2012 Jayalalitha threw Sasikala and all her relations out of her house. She also dismissed her from the Party. After that, the reports say that Jayalalitha bought Sasikala to her home in three months after she threw her away.

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