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Samantha Sensational Comments on Siddharth

By on October 15, 2016

Samantha is right now the most invited actress in Telugu industry and her career record speaks for her. She has some attractive big projects skirt up this year. We hold up with Samantha for an exclusive interview and were projected over by her good nature and humor. She spoke honestly about her life, her career choosing about how she deals with gossip.

“He has been there throughout moments of professional downfalls and personal prosperity. He has been there for the time of my relationship with other people and I have been except during his relationships with other people. So there is no issue and we know each other well now,” she said.

Naga Chaitanya and Samantha are forever in consultation from the day the gossip came out on both of them. A lot of pics and issues went on with them but both of them have not yet accepted that they were in relation. After Nagarjuna lose consciousness to reveal out the honesty between them, both welcome the truth and gave there comment to media.

Once they come on to the media, all the Akkineni fans have one question that what kind of determination they took about no more of Samantha and Chaitanya.But Sammy went on days of dating with hero Siddharth and Chaitanya as well. Now Samantha is to state about the same and gave comprehensibility on it forever.

Samantha and Naga Chaitanya are undoubtedly one of the sweetest on-screen couples. Samantha has also made known that she no qualms in doing any kind of point with Naga Chaitanya. Speak out in a recent interview; she has even mentioned Naga Chaitanya as her first love. It appears, according to the industry reference, she is going to pair up with him so called first love, Naga Chaitanya, for a film. Let us wish Samantha the lead actress in her future projects.

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