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Saleswoman Forced To Pose Half-Naked To Sell Diamonds At Popular Jewellery Store In China

By on December 8, 2016

Saleswoman Forced To Pose Half-Naked To Sell Diamonds In China. A popular jewerllery store in China has gone an extra mile to do a mischievous thing ever.  The popular jewellery store has used its saleswoman to strip down and stand half-naked to sell diamonds.  It forced its saleswoman to wear diamond nipple pasties to sell jewels.

The news has gone viral in social media.  Activists and youth were raising eyebrows on the issue.  The store is facing much criticism for forcing its saleswoman to do such cheap tricks just to promote their jewelry.

Many social media users who have seen these vulgar videos are slamming jewellery store Chow Luk Fook in Hong Kong for making its saleswomen to pose half-naked to sell their jewels.

Chow Luk Fook is a very popular jewellery store in Hong Kong that has many outlets in the country. Saleswoman Forced To Pose Half-Naked To Sell Diamonds In China. The video showcases young saleswoman standing behind the jewellery counters wearing a small piece of cloth.

Saleswomen forced to pose half-naked to sell jewelry in a store in China

The social media is outraged and the people were calling the jewellery store as shameful, vulgar, and cheap.  All the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Insta etc are on outrange with this cheap promotion of the Chinese jewellery store.

The comments read ‘the shop owner should be ashamed’.

‘So pathetic.  Its sales are so poor that it can’t even afford buying uniforms for staff.’

‘It will possibly create a counter effect.’

This is not the first time that this so called Chinese Jewellery store came up with such a cheap promotional stunt to promote its jewelry like this.  Earlier in 2013, for the opening of the jewellery store, women bodies were painted in multiple colours, a daily reported.

No action against the store has been taken yet for doing such mischievous act in the name of sales.

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