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Rural India Expends more on Cosmetics & Liquor than Health

By on October 31, 2016

Rural India Expends more on Cosmetics. According to the recent survey, people in rural India expend more on Alcohol, cosmetics and tobacco compare to the health care. The monthly expenditure of people residing in India is more on the consumption of alcohol than medicines and other stuff. As per the latest report it shows a household in a rural India expends Rs.504 per month on fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). Approximately the total budget of a household on a monthly basis is Rs.2, 800. Among this, major portion is contributed by the food products i.e. Rs.280. On the other hand people are spending an average of Rs.36 on skin care and cosmetics on a monthly basis.

The survey also reported that people in Rural India spend Rs.224 on milk and Rs.308 for various agricultural services in their monthly budget. Above all the monthly expenditure is high on alcohol than other health and day to day consumer goods. Most of the people seem to prefer natural home remedies and domestic way of curing a disease rather than the medicine. The survey conducted in about 50,000 villages across 19 states in India. This survey shows that 1% of people spend more than Rs.1, 000 on cosmetics and skin care on a yearly basis.

For the people in India, the products like cosmetics and other skin care related stuff are a chunk of luxury budget in India.  As per the report, 17% people use unbranded products for skin care. On the other hand 21% of the people do not use any kind of skin care product or cosmetics. A couple of years back, people used less number of cosmetics compared to the current era. People from rural areas are gradually upgrading to the customs and habits of urban people. Most of the people from rural regions are making use of various products that are low-priced and in the form of sachets.

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