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Reliance JIO 4G tips to Boost the Internet Speed

By on December 1, 2016

Reliance JIO 4G tips to Boost the Internet Speed. Reliance JIO the sensation in the Telecom industry by Reliance, has been surrounded with some problems with the signal and the Data connection ever since it started its service in the Telecom Industry. JIO always offers free and fast internet service to its users on mobile phones. Now it can be seen that the users started complaining about the JIO’s speed of 4G which is alerting the new Telecom which are trying to place itself among the Vodafone, Airtel and Idea. When the JIO 4G is tested with the Airtel it trailed behind Airtel 4G. The commercial launch of JIO is slated for this January, and it is said that the current status of the services is expected to get better and improved by then.

Now the JIO gave the Welcome offer to its customers with free outgoing and incoming calls. JIO gave the 4G data free with unlimited data and it also gave the no roaming offer for its users. It also gave the access to JIO apps and unlimited HD video calls and the drop in the speed is a bit disappointing. There are some technical workarounds going on with the process.

Steps to Improve Speed

Reliance JIO 4G tips to Boost the Internet Speed. As we already know about the major problems that the JIO users are facing with the connections and the basic settings to correct them. There are some simple steps to improve the browsing speed of JIO 4G.

It is said that the Internet speed is directly proportional to the phone’s speed. It has to be seen that the specific device is performing best so that the Internet works smoothly. It will completely depends on the device about the speed of Internet.

The another was to boost your Internet speed is to clear cache on the phone. There will be some tools in the Google Play that will help to do that, but the users can go through the individual app folders and can clear the cache.

These are some tips to boost your Internet speed, and this is not a universal step to boost your device speed but these are some useful steps.

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