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Reason Why The Prisoners Are Executed In The Early Morning

By on November 1, 2016

Reason Why The Prisoners Are Executed In The Early Morning. Execution of prisoners is quite a big issue in India, but it is not the same situation in other countries like Dubai, USA etc.  Usually, culprits in big cases get imprisoned for years in Indian jails and only when the culprit has committed unforgivable crime he/she will be given capital punishment.

You would have come across many scenes in movies that depict hanging convicted prisoners in the early morning and also heard in news about the same.  Usually, the execution will take place in the presence of judicial executioner, a magistrate or his representative, a doctor and few policemen.

Have you ever wondered why prisoners get hanged only in the early mornings?  If so you can get your answer here from our page.  Read on to find out the Reason Why The Prisoners Are Executed In The Early Morning.

Why prisoners are hanged in early hours?

  • The prisoners are executed in the early hours with an intention not to disturb the other prisoners who are in line for execution. Prisoners may end up feeling restless if they witness the execution with their eyes, so it is done in early hours.
  • According to the law in California, death warrant is only valid for a day. So prisoners should be executed within one day of the issue of a death warrant or else they should apply for re-petition for a new warrant.
  • Medical tests will be performed on the prisoner before execution and so much paper work need to be done before and after execution. So, prisoners will be executed in the early hours not to disturb the daily schedule.
  • Executed prisoners family members can perform the last rites without any delay if the execution is happened in the early hours.
  • The early hour execution is aimed at reducing the anxiety of the prisoner who is set for execution.


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