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Professor Lakshmi Culpable Of PG Medico Sandhya’s Death

By on November 4, 2016

Professor Lakshmi Culpable Of PG Medico Sandhya Death. Government General Hospital (GGH) professor Dr. Lakshmi has been found culpable of PG Medico Sandhya Rani’s suicide.  The probe committee has declared that Prof. Lakshmi is guilty of the death of Sandhya.

Health Minister Kamineni Srinivas said that she was found guilty and will not be tolerated anymore.  The committee came to a decision that due to the harassment and pressure of Prof. Lakshmi, Sandhya has committed suicide.

Sandhya killed herself by injecting high dose of anesthesia.  She left behind a suicide note in which she described what she has gone through all these days because of Prof. Lakshmi.  She left a heart wrenching message to her family as well.

The three-member committee comprised of Siddartha Medical College principal Dr. Sashank, GGH deputy superintendent Dr Vital and Dr Bharathi Devi, government general hospital superintendent in Nellore confirmed that Prof. Lakshmi harassment is the reason for Sandhya’s death.

After Sundhya’s death, her classmates came onto the roads to show their protest.  They demanded immediate termination from the job and arrest of Professor Lakshmi.  They also held a rally to district collectorate and the office of the superintendent of police.

After her death, her husband who got into depression has tried to take his life.  He was saved by his brother and was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital for aid.

Professor Lakshmi Culpable Of PG Medico Sandhya Death. At present, Professor Lakshmi is on run and police have launched a manhunt for her.

Sandhya Rani’s letter for her family and husband 

Sandhya Rani before leaving this world has written a heart wrenching letter to her family and her husband.  She said not to leave Professor Lakshmi who is the only reason for her death.

She called Prof. Lakshmi as a psycho and mentioned that she tortured her with her vulgar words and that there are many other victims like her in the college.

Sandhya asked her father and mother to stay healthy and her siblings to take care of their parents.  She asked her husband not to get depressed over her death and take good care of her parents.

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