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Does Priyamani’s Marriage Got Fixed With Tarun?

By on November 26, 2016
Does Priyamani’s Marriage Got Fixed With Tarun?

It is known news to everyone that Priyamani got engaged to Chennai based businessman. If you are thinking how Tarun and Priyamani are related, then we have to rewind back to the time when the duo did ‘Navavasatham’ movie. Recently, Priyamani participated in a game show hosted by Ali. In the program, she was asked about the worst gossip she have ever heard about her for which she said that it was about Tarun and her.

She remembered a situation and said that it happened when she was busy with movies. She said that she received a call from a Tamil journalist asking her about her marriage with hero Tarun. She said that he even asked her that Tarun has gifted her luxury car. She said that she was very angry and even cried after reaching home about the same. She said that even now the duo laugh at the gossip when they meet.

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