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Private Photos of Hansika and Trisha LEAKED!!

By on November 23, 2016

Private Photos of Hansika and Trisha LEAKED. Trisha Krishnan and Hansika Motwani the well known actress in the Tollywood and as well in the Kollywood are now in a small trouble.


-In fact we always hear about hacking of the social media content such as Facebook and Gmail of the people and mostly the Celebrities, But this time this will be some thing different and the Hacker choosed a unique way to hack.

-He Hacked the phones of the actress “Trisha Krishnan” and also the South actress and the Bollywood well known child artist “Hansika Motwani”. The Hacker hacked the phones of these two beautiful actress and he wiped out all the data in their phones.

Private Photos

Private Photos of Hansika and Trisha LEAKED. Earlier Trisha and Hansika are victims of vulgar MMS scandals and their videos are went viral in the Internet and now once again it happened that their personal and private photos got leaked .

The big threat for them is a few photos would be highly personal, and they tweeted about the hacking of their phones and Hansika posted a status in her Instagram stories.


“Trisha Krishnan” Tweeted as follows – “My tweets n friends who know my number,pls whatsapp yours and your name to me coz a certain jobless coward hacked n wiped my phone clean”

“Hansika Motwani” Tweeted as follows – “And the same has happened to me !!! Grr. Guys please revert with your name at the end of your text”.

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