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People Find Wi-Fi Better Than Sex, Chocolate and Alcohol

By on November 22, 2016

People Find Wi-Fi Better Than Sex, Chocolate or Alcohol. Wi-Fi is presently proving to be more addictive than Alcohol and Chocolate. From a recent survey on more than 1700 people by iPass (a leading provider of global mobile connectivity) the results show that many people prefer the Wi-Fi internet more than many old habits. Due to busy daily life and having to meet demanding deadlines and timings, people have got dependent on faster internet speeds ranging from traveling to roaming and data bills.

Wi-Fi has become one of the most travel essentials to carry around. As per the “The iPass Mobile Professional Report 2016”; 75% respondents feel their quality of life improved via Wi-Fi and 40% selected Wi-Fi as their first daily essential, 37 % chose sex, 14 % liked chocolate with only 9% who liked alcohol. People Find Wi-Fi Better Than Chocolate or Alcohol. While 72% mobile professionals actually book hotels based on the Wi-Fi experience and 21% said they always do that while 72% use free available Wi-Fi at the airport.

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