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Ordinary Employees Turned out to Become Leading Stars in Tollywood

By on November 2, 2016
Tollywood Heros

Tollywood Heros: We are quite unsure and unpredictable about our life. We don’t even know what happens the next second or minute. Likewise, we cannot expect what we become ultimately in our life. We plan something about our education, career and other stuff. But, in the end, you might settle in some other profession keeping aside your dream or passion. Many of the actors from Tollywood film industry were common employees before entering into the film industry.

There are some actors in our industry intentionally entered into the field with strong passion and with a thirst of becoming actor in Telugu industry. But, some of the actors unexpectedly entered the film industry leaving behind their small-scale job. Some of the actors include Rajasekhar, Gopichand, Nani, Anand fame Raja, Sudheer Babu and many more. Just check out their actual professions and how they turned to become actors.

  1. Rajasekhar

As we all know, Rajasekhar is the angry man in the Tollywood film industry who had an incredible career in his life. Before getting into this film field, Rajasekhar completed his MBBS in Chennai and become a Doctor. For some years, he worked as a doctor and later the real doctor turned out to become an actor.


  1. Mohan Babu

We all know, Collection king Mohan Babu quite popular for his lengthy and powerful dialogues. He was a Physical Education Instructor Kesari High School in Chennai before stepping into this field.


  1. Nani

Gentleman Nani who is currently popular in the film industry as natural star earlier worked as a Radio Jockey. Later he turned out to become one of the best actors in the Telugu industry.


  1. Gopichand

The young and energetic actor Gopichand who is quite popular in Tollywood film industry played various antagonist and protagonist roles in several films. Previously, Gopichand worked as a News Reader at ETV channel in Telugu.


  1. Sudheer Babu

Sudheer Babu, the Young actor who entertained the audience with his performance in ‘Prema Katha Chitram’ was a professional Badminton Player before entering into the film industry. He also acquired numerous trophies for the best Badminton player in different states like AP and Karnataka.



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