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Now Make Payments through PayTM without Internet

By on December 7, 2016

PayTM is a mobile application that allows the bank transactions through the mobile device. A special introduction about PayTM is not needed, as it is well known to the people after the sudden effect of Demonetisation by PM Narendra Modi. Now Make Payments through PayTM without Internet. After the Demonetization the number in the PayTM users is increased. People started booking all the tickets from the movie ticket to the flight ticket in PayTM. PayTM can be used if the liquid cash is not available in the hand. The PayTM can see the 100 crore transaction daily through the application.

Now Make Payments through PayTM without Internet. We can do the transactions to the other persons through the PayTM, they will link the account to their respective bank account. In order to do the transaction to someone, they must have the PayTM account with them. We need their mobile number to do the transaction; this can also be done by scanning the QR code through the mobile device. Now the latest update from this PayTM is that this will work without internet facility also. Now we can transfer the money from one account to another account without the internet facility also.

Toll-Free Number Facility

To avail this feature the PayTM introduced a toll-free number to do the internet less transactions. The toll-free number is given as 1800 1800 1234, after connecting with this toll-free number it will generate a four digit code that is required to do the transaction. Once you get the four digit code, we can do the transactions without having the internet facility. After calling to the Toll-free number, we need to enter the other persons PayTM linked mobile number to do the transaction. However, we need the Internet connection to get the money into the respective PayTM account and to transfer that amount into the Bank.

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