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Never Search for these words in Google

By on November 30, 2016

Never Search for these words in Google. Generally the people use the search engines to know about what they don’t know in common; there are also several search engines available in the Internet. There are some of the most useful Search Engines present in Internet, they are the first one is GOOGLE, Yahoo, Ask, msn, bing, About are some of the search engines available.

The People generally searches about the Movies, current affairs, cooking recipes etc in the Google and these are called as the Key Words. Now it is said that it will be ok if we search any feed but there are some words in the Google that we never want to search, they are ‘Four Girls Finger Paint’, ‘Lemon Party’, ‘Blue Walls’, ‘Tub Girl’, ‘Two girls One cup’, ‘Clock Spider’ etc are the words that we cannot search in Google as they got a High Sexual content, though it doesn’t have anything to read about Sexual content, some are posting Videos under these names. Never Search for these words in Google, so Google stopped responding to this Search feed.

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