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Nenorakam Movie Review | plus and minus points

By on March 17, 2017

Nenorakam Movie review:

Nenorakam is the upcoming Telugu movie all slated for the release on March 17th 2017. The director of the film is Sudarshan Salendra and the producer is Srikanth Reddy. The film features Sairam Shankar, Rashmi Menon and Sarath Kumar as the main leads of the film. The film is said to be very interesting with good music directed by Mahit Narayan. In the movie, the actor Sai Ram is said to do a fantastic role worth watching for. The film is based on a loan recovery which later turns in the kidnapping and love story. The film has interesting tales of twists and romance. The film has got 3.5 rating from the critics which prove to be a good movie above average category. The technical aspects in the movie are also good with good camera work and captures. Over all, the film is very decent filled with drama, romance in the first half and an interesting twists in the second half of the portion. Do watch the film released in the theatres nearby you on March 17th 2017. Book your tickets if you haven’t booked yet.

Nenorakam Movie plus points:

The film has well plus points to highlight. After the interval, the actual drama begins in the second half portion where the entry of Sarath Kumar will be made and from here he takes away all the focus of the audience on him. The kidnapping part done by Sarath Kumar has been portrayed very well and the entire act was very convincing. Not only this, Sai Ram’s look and performance in the film is also well appreciated for. The scenes of the film were well captured and good camera quality used.

Nenorakam Movie Minus points:

The film has few minus points as well. The first half of the film went bland and this did not get successful in grabbing the attention of the audience. The timings the songs are also one other minus point in this film to mention. Wrong timing of the songs has distracted the audience from the comedy scenes and which is not at all good for a maker to make his movie a hit.

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