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Nagaram Movie Review, plus and minus points!

By on March 10, 2017

Nagaram Movie review:

Nagaram Movie is a Telugu Movie based on the urban crime that also comes with the hyperlink screenplay. The film marks the debut of Lokesh Kangaraj, who is the director of the film and also the script writer. The film is produced by S R Prabhu under the Potential Studios. The film is also released in Tamil version and the tile of the film in Tamil language is “Maanagaram”. The film features Sundeep Kishan, Sri and Regina Cassandra as the leads that are said to play brilliant roles in the flick. The film also sports Charlie and Ram doss that are seen supporting roles in the film.

Nagaram Movie Review, plus and minus points. The film is said to gauge a strong verdict as the film is based on Thriller genre with lots of good technical finesse and good performances. Leaving the audience impressive, the film is said to eb very different from the other normal films. The story of the film is well rated and appreciated. The movie has released in the theatres today i.e. March 10th 2017, in Telugu well as Tamil languages. The movie has managed to collect good response from the audience that makes the makers of the film very happy. The movie will keep you totally entertained and engaged all over till the end. Book your tickets and watch the theaters nearby your place today.

Nagaram Movie Plus points:

  • The film has got fine and engaging screenplay.
  • The movie is very interesting especially in its second half portion.
  • The film backs back very impressive and well-tuned background music.
  • Lastly, the movie has strong hooded performances

Nagaram Movie Minus points:

  • The climax of the film is very much stretched.
  • The film had few liberties.
  • Too much of technical port might also be the minus point of the film.

Overall, the film is a pack of good performance with good thriller genre. It is totally worth of investing time and money watching the film. In fact it is a just watch film of the year. So, book your ticket now if you haven’t book yours.

Nagaram Movie review rating : 3/5 

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