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Chaitu said No to Nagarjuna decision!!

By on December 28, 2016
Naga Chaitanya said No to Nagarjuna

Tollywood Manmadudu Nagarjuna is busy with his sons Akkineni Naga Chaitanya and Akkineni Akhil marriages; it is known that Akhil loves the Hyderabad based fashion designer Shriya Bhupal who is the granddaughter of GVK. The engagement of this young couple is already held at GVK house in Hyderabad. Naga Chaitanya said No to Nagarjuna. The Tollywood love couples Chaitu and Bubbly actress Samantha are presently enjoying their holiday trip; it is known that this couple are getting engaged on January 29th of 2017.

Naga Chaitanya said No to Nagarjuna. Now, a gossip is viral in the industry that Chaitu said no to his father Nagarjuna’s decision. Nagarjuna wants his elder son Chaitu to get married first with Samantha befor Akhil’s marriage with Shriya Bhupal. It can be seen that Akhil’s engagement is already done and Chaitu’s engagement with Samantha is yet to be done. Nagarjuna took a strict decision to do the marriage of Chaitu before 20 or 30 days earlier of Akhil’s marriage. Nagarjuna wants his both sons marriage in a grand way, but it is heard that Chaitu and Samantha are planning their marriage in a decent way with not too luxurious.

It is still to know whether Chaitu and Samantha will get married first because of Nagarjuna’s decision, or will Samantha clear her current projects in Kollywood and slowly get married!!

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