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Mystery Of Anantha Padmanabha Temple Treasure

By on October 26, 2016

The Mystery Of Anantha Padmanabha Temple in Kerala still remained a mystery even after thousands of years.  Today we have come up with the basic facts that reveal the mystery of the temple.

The sacred temple has six vaults named A, B, C, D, E, F in which five of the vaults were opened.  It is found that there is approximately $22 Billion worth of gold in various forms in all these vaults opened.

The authorities who have opened vault A found nothing in the room except dust, but while cleaning the room found a secret door, which led to two other vaults G and H.  The vaults C, D, E, and F are opened by the temple priests at least eight times every year and the gold and diamond ornaments are used to decorate God on special occasions.

Vault B has never been touched by anyone as it is closed with Naga Bandan.  It is an iron door with snack designs all over.  There are many rumors that strongly say opening the vault B will lead to a huge loss of human lives as it may contain some dangerous bioweapon or deadly poison in it.

Mystery of Vault B

There are many mysterious stories associated with the vault B.  The Naga Bandan on the door of Room B is said to be a protective shield to the immeasurable golden nugget inside the room.  As per the experts, it is said that the room was locked with a secret Garuda chant and will only be opened if the same chant is spelled by Siddha Gurus.

The royal family members, priests of the temple and other trust members are in belief that the room contains more sacred things of God, which should not be brought to light.  In order to break the mystery of the Vault B, the only way is to open it and see what exactly is there in it.

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