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Fashion Pakistan Week 2016: Mukhtaran Mai Ramp Walks Building Courage in Women 

By on November 3, 2016

Mukhtaran Mai Ramp Walks Building Courage in Women . In the Pakistan Fashion Week 2016 organised in the city of Karachi in Pakistan, several models walked on the ramp exhibiting their attire. During the event, a woman named Mukhtaran Mai just walked on the ramp with utmost confidence and self-assurance. Mukhtaran Mai is not just a victim but more than that. She is the most courageous woman who struggled a lot with her life for several years. She set as a role model for all the women in the state of Pakistan. The best ideal person for women empowerment is definitely Mukhtaran Mai.

Mukhtaran Mai Ramp Walks Building Courage in Women . About 14 years back, she was gang-raped by some people and even they made her move all through the streets with bare body. Since then, she never depressed due to that incident instead initiated her life to bring boldness and courage among other woman. In order to bring awareness among the women in the current society and remove all the inhibitions in them, she took part in the event and just walked on the ramp during the Fashion Week.

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