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Mobile Apps that earns you Money

By on December 2, 2016

Mobile Applications that earns you Money. In general we can see some applications that entice you to earn money in the Internet. The users don’t believe such apps as they know that it won’t happen, but there is no need to avoid all apps as there are some real apps that will make you money. Here are some applications that will make you money;


This application is available in both iOS and Android, this app adds the money to the specific Paytm wallet for uploading the meal receipts and it gives Rs 5 for a single receipt and you can also earn the loyalty points “Yumies” for each receipt. These Yumies can be used to play the lotto where there you can win prizes and this app enables you to search nearby restaurants.


This is a free app that combines with a Keyboard with the targeted ad platform for different brands. It sends a push notification once you install the application and for each ad you can earn Rs 1 in the Keettoo account and this app can be linked to the PayTm wallet where you can redeem the cash earned in this app.


This app doesn’t give you direct cash. Instead, you can earn tickets by inviting the contacts and by chatting with the contacts. Those tickets can be used to take part in a weekly draw.


This app requires selling the photos captured by the people from their phone, if the image is selected and purchased one will get the amount of Rs 300 to Rs 350 and these payments are transferred via Paypal.


This application replaces the Android phone’s lock screen to show the content that needs to be promoted. After the signup process we can choose the lock screen content, you can earn the Carats in this app and for every 1000 Carats it is given $1.

                         These are some of the Mobile applications that allow the users to earn money by using the applications.

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