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Men Should Never Do These Things – Chanakya Neethi

By on December 23, 2016
Men Should Never Do These Things

Men Should Never Do These Things. There is no need to tell in detail that how Chanakya Neethi impacts the human life to get stronger. The Mathematics is the leading topic in the country that is helping the country’s wealth and economy, this will be teaches as the cooperate subject and by this we can know the value of Chanakya Neethi. This Chanakya now said about what men should never do these things in their life. These are the things that will result the disaster in the men’s life. The following are the things that Chanakya don’t want to done by any men in their life.

No gap between Wife and Husband

It’s better if the Husband doesn’t leave their wives and go away, the sudden death of the wife is also an big loss for the husband and that will cause him great depression. There is a lot danger that the husband will lost his mind and goes into loneliness if he lost his wife. This is why it’s not better for the family and society if the men are in single status.


Don’t help your Enemy

Never do help for your enemy even if he is in bad situation. If the enemy that stabbed u in war and always cause harm to u, then don’t help him because that may effect to you. As if you are helping the bad person then there is chance that it may hurt our wealth. According to Chanakya there will be effect in life if we help the bad persons or the bad leaders.


Men should save Money

Money is very important in life, even if money doesn’t give you happiness it is very important in human life. If men are in poor position he will feel the inner stress, so that every man should save the money. Men will not get any respect in the society until he finds and work and does the hard work.


Men should be Decent

The Decent men will lead a happy life where ever they are and they can gain the respect in every place. If the men are in decent manner, they can properly analyze their career and can have a successful life with healthy living style.


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