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Man Locks his Sister in Septic Tank for 2 years on the Name of Money Rituals

By on February 5, 2017
Man locks sister in septic tank for 2 years on the name of money rituals

Man locks sister in a septic tank for 2 years: A 32-year-old man was arrested by Tanzanian police in Mbeya for locking his 25-year-old sister in a septic tank filled with water and torturing her sexually for two years in the name of money rituals.  The man is identified as Nathan Machoma who had kept his sister, Neemah Machoma in a septic tank on receiving advice from a witch doctor in Sumbawanga where he went to learn satanic powers to get rich.

 Man locks sister in septic tank for 2 years on the name of money rituals

Nathan also abused her sister sexually, was found to be eating her fecal matter. He was said by the doctor that the more yielding of the faecal matter, the more he will get rich.  Neemah was rescued from the septic tank and was sent for medical aid.  She lost a lot of weight that her bones are all visible and can barely speak.  She was naked when she was rescued from the tank by the police.  Her pictures were doing rounds all over the internet.  The culprit Nathan was taken into custody by Tanzanian police and was being investigated.  The doctor who suggested this ritual to Nathan will be investigated as well.

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