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Man and Serpent Get Married

By on November 13, 2016
Man and Serpent Get Married

After finding a ”striking resemblance” to his girlfriend who passed away 5 years ago, a heartbroken man has married his pet snake believing that she is reincarnated as the white 10 feet long Cobra. The devastated man got all excited when he spotted the 10ft long cobra with a ”striking resemblance” to his girlfriend and is convinced that she has come back to life as the serpent. After his girlfriend passed away 5 years back, he was devastated ever since. Recently when this devastated man spotted the 10 feet long cobra his believed that his girlfriend was reincarnated as a serpent. Now he spends most of his life with the serpent like any other newly married couple would.

Man lives with Cobra

There are pics sent in by a person called Worranan Sarasalin that show the devastated man sitting with the serpent at his side in Singapore. The pictures show him also watching television with the snake beside him. He takes good care of the snake as he feels the serpent is actually his girlfriend. He even takes out his snake wherever he goes. He is known as the person who lives with the snake and has been warned many times it may be dangerous.

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