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Less Known Facts about Rakul Preet that Every Fan Must Know

By on December 11, 2016

Rakul Preet the Stylish Deva of Tollywood made her debut in 2011 with a Telugu movie. In half a decade she paired up will all the top heroes in Tollywood. Rakul is basically from a non-film background family, but she made her trademark in the industry within a short span of time. However people know only some about the Professional side of Rakul through her Interviews, but here are lesser known facts about Rakul Preet.

  1. About Her Name

Rakul’s father was Rajender and her mother was Kulwinder. Rakul’s parents came up with the idea that their daughter should bear both of their names. Though it is tough to combine both the names they combined the syllables of their names as Ra+Kul=Rakul.


  1. Rakul is Karate Blue Belt Holder

This beautiful actress participated in many sports in her schooling. She was much interested in Lawn Tennis and Golfing, along with them she participated in many activities. In her second grade, she started her training in Karate.


  1. Rakul is an Equestrian (Horse Rider)

Rakul was always gets encouraged by her parents to pursue interests beyond her academics. Due to their encouragement, she developed the spirit and learned the Horse Riding. She loves to ride the horse whenever she gets some time.


  1. No TV in her Childhood

Rakul Preet father was very strict and he is very disciplinarian, he came up with the rule that his kids are not allowed to watch TV. Instead of watching TV they should spend their leisure time doing some different work.


  1. Rakul will only Love Marriage

Rakul was pretty sure about her marriage that she would do a Love Marriage. She has a fair idea about the Partner she wants. She needs the one who is taller than her even she wears the high heels and she wants the Conversationalist.


  1. Diehard fan of SRK

Rakul Preet was a sincere and diehard fan of the Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan. She admired him since her childhood when Shah Rukh Khan visited her sets for the Bollywood film ‘Shimla Mirchi’ she had her fan moment with the star.


  1. VICCO Advertisement

Rakul was a Model after her academics, and she did some ads. Rakul also started her career as Cosmetics model like the other heroines. Unlike Fain n Lovely ad like all the other heroines, she acted in Vicco ads that are still being used by Vicco.


  1. Rakul was a Bharatanatyam Dancer

Rakul always concentrates on her fitness, and she does anything that will make her fit. She believes in exercising that the exercise will remove toxins from the body. As dance is also a great traditional workout, she didn’t hesitate to shake her leg.


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