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Know Your Personality Based on Your Birth Month!

By on December 14, 2016

Do you know that your birth month speaks about your personality?  Yes!  As per a study it was found that the month of birth does have a great impact on the personality of the person. Know Your Personality Based on Your Birth Month! We are here today to share with you the personality based on your birth month.  Check it out!


People born in January are ambitious and serious.  They love to teach.  They like to criticize and look for flaws in people.  They are hardworking, smart and neat.  They are homely and gets jealous easily.


People born in February loves reality and are abstract.  They are intelligent and at the same time temperamental.  They are determined to reach goals and loves freedom.


People born in March have attractive personality.  They are affectionate, shy, and secretive.  They are trustworthy and are not easily angered.


People born in April are active and dynamic.  They are attractive and affectionate to oneself.  They are diplomatic and consoling.  They motivate others and oneself.


They are stubborn and hard-hearted.  They are strong-willed and highly motivated.  They have deep feelings and are easily influenced.


People born in June have far vision.  They are kind, polite, soft-spoken.  They are choosy and always want the best.  They love to joke and are talkative.


They are fun to be with and are secretive.  It is difficult to understand them.  They are concerned about people’s feelings and are tactful.


People born in August are suave and caring.  They are brave and fearless.  They have independent thoughts and are egoistic.  They are sensitive but not petty.


People born in September are suave and compromising.  They like to criticize.  They are calm and cool.  They have a good memory and loves to look for information.


People born in October love to chat.  They are beautiful inside out.  They don’t lie or pretend.  They always make friends and treat them importantly.  They are selfish and bad tempered.  They are daydreamers as well.


People born in November are difficult to fathom.  They are unique and brilliant.  They have sharp thinking and can become good doctors.  They are dynamic and secretive.


People born in December are loyal and generous.  They are patriotic and active.  They are fun to be with.  They have changing personality and hates restrictions. They have good sense of humour.

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