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Kamal Hassan Tweet Criticized about Jayalalitha

By on December 6, 2016

Kamal Hassan Tweet Criticized about Jayalalitha. The Lady who served five times as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is no more, for over fourteen years 1991 to 2016 she had served her service to the public and she passed away here on Monday at the age of 68 years. She is the Tamil Film actress and done movies in Telugu with many star heroes. She is the veteran movie star turned into the Politician. She is affectingly called as Amma by the Tamil people.

After the death of Jayalalitha this Monday, Kamal Hassan also wants to share his feelings. He took to Twitter and he shared what he felt. He Tweeted in the Tamil Language and that can be translated as “For those people who are concerned, I offer my Condolences” (sic.).

The social media and the public took the note of the tweet and in taking no more time, they interpreted it in their own way. While, many of the Jayalalitha followers and the public felt that the Kamal Hassan’s tweet is an insulting way to express the condolences. Kamal Hassan Tweet Criticized about Jayalalitha. There are also few people who defended him by saying that it’s a common usage in Tamil Nadu, it is usually said when mourning the death of the close family member.

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