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Actress Kajal Agarwal Dating the ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’

By on October 28, 2016

Kajal Agarwal Dating With Rahul Gandhi. Who is the most eligible bachelor in Politics? It is none other than Rahul Gandhi, the most handsome guy in our country. Upon looking at the title, you might be quite astonished. But all the media circles say it is true that these two are allegedly on a date. Rahul Gandhi, a 40-year old bachelor from the National party in India is currently dating the most gorgeous actress Kajal Agarwal who crossed just 30 in the South Indian film industry.

It is quite natural for every celebrity to face various rumours and gossips on the web. But, the rumours have reached to such an extent that the actress is dating a handsome politician. This news is now spreading like a wildfire on the web, social media and across various media circles. However, let’s have to wait to know the true facts whether the duo are truly in relation or not. Till the official revelation from any of the duo, we cannot come to a conclusion on their relationship.

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