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Jayalalitha was Publicly Humiliated 5 times

By on December 7, 2016

Jayalalitha was Publicly Humiliated 5 times. Jayalalitha the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadi, her Political journey was with lot of struggles and hardships. She broke the glass ceiling that existed in the South India’s male dominated family Politics, is what Amma can always remembered for. There are the five times that Amma was publicly humiliated when she struggled to head the ALADMK Party. Jayalalitha was Publicly Humiliated 5 times. Her bitter rivalry with Karunanidhi, her love affair with Shoban Babu and her closeness to MGR all became the reasons for the male to insult her.

  1. When MGR felt that his power is downing, he thought to bring some more equal power to the party. He bought his favorite heroine Jayalalitha to Politics. She performed dance at ‘World Tamil Conference’ which was conducted by MGR. After this her Political rivals ridicule in her later years and they called her ‘Danseuse’.
  1. It was the starting time that her relation with MGR set a lot of tongues wagging. After MGR death on December 1987, her true struggle began that she is the one among all the male leaders who disliked her because of being close to MGR. Jayalalitha refuced to back off, this incensed MGR’s wife Janaki and the Party members tried to harasse her by pinching her and stepping on her feet at the spot. She was physically pushed off from the MGR dead body van in front of all the media.
  1. On March 25 in the year 1989, it was a bitter incident for Jayalalitha. This incident is enough to show that the lady was up against.Jayalalitha was the opposition leader and the DMK leader Karunanidhi was CM then. Angered DMK leaders took into physical violence, “My saree was pulled and torn”.
  1. In the year 1979, when Indra Gandhi visited the Tamil Nadu Karunanidhi’s DMK Black Flag demonstration, this turned to be violence. When Jayalalitha asked the injured Indira Gandhi about the bloody injuries, Karunanidhi obscenely reported that a could bleed for the other reasons.
  1. It is once heard that the PMK founder Ramadoss , had once declared that if he ever aligned with Jayalalitha it will be disgusting as having slept with his own mother.

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