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Inside Story Between/Jr NTR His Sister | Nandamuri Suhasini Personal

By on February 17, 2017
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Many people don’t know that Jr. NTR has a sibling and that he adores her a lot. His only sister name is Suhasini and it is heard that he respects her opinion a lot. It is said that he adores and respects her to an extent that he takes her opinion in everything he do.

He even arranges special screening for each of his movies especially for her and takes suggestions regarding his acting and the story and also it is heard that she predicts the success rate of the flick. Even Suhasini adores Jr. NTR a lot that she never misses out on tying a Rakhi to his hand. Even if he is out of station, she makes sure to send him the Rakhi beforehand. Beautiful sibling love right! Share your love for your siblings in our comments session below.

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