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Indian wives have been ranked third in beating Husbands!

By on October 22, 2016

The Indian wives have been ranked third in beating Husbands. According to the sources, a recent study was conducted on Domestic violence by the UN and the results kept everyone in shock. Generally, the term Domestic violence is used as a seldom for husbands in India and this issue is very much commonly seen in both rural and urban sectors. The statics states that as per the study, the Indian wives are fond more doing domestic violence their husbands and has ranked third in the aspect.

Domestic violence irrespective of the gender should be stopped everywhere and there should be n legal law enforced for this act. As per the results of the study, Egypt has been ranked at first place in abusing and beating husbands, the Second place is occupied by the UK and the third comes India in this matter. The laws and rules must be equal for both men and women and we Indian society neglect the sour reality that even men suffer in silence and they are also being the victims of abusive behavior and domestic violence Indian wives in todays’ world. Sad but this is true reality.

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