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Incredible Journey of A Beggar From Street To Cambridge University

By on October 22, 2016

Jayapal is now a sensational name in Chennai.  His journey from a street side beggar to Cambridge University student is incredible and unbelievable.  His victory is outlandish.  He is an inspiration for the coming generations.  His story and his journey is a lesson of life for everyone.

Jayapal hails from Nellore.  He belongs to a farmer family.  It was 1980 when their farm did not yield anything.   The entire family shifted over to Chennai.  Jayapal’s father did not get any work and finally decided to beg on the streets to run the family.  Jayapal’s father passed away and his mother incapacitated.  He was six years old when all these things happened.

He was crying helplessly sitting next to his mother when the couple Uma Madhuraman saw him.  They are moved and have decided to help him.  Surprisingly they run an NGO.  They have made a video on him and named it as ‘Pavement Flower’.  People were touched by his situation and gave their helping hand to study.

He used to take care of his mother in the mornings and study in the nights.  He stood as the topper in intermediate and decided to go for it.  With the help of few people he has gone for it and cleared the entrance test for Cambridge University.  Immediately he got seat in the Glyndwr University Automation Engineering course.

He set many goals in his life that include completing his studies and running an NGO to help people like him.  He slept on the streets all his life and now he is a proud student of Glyndwr University.  May his life story inspire many to achieve their goals in life. We wish him all the very best in his life.

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