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I Lost My Beautiful Wife & the Doctors Handed Me the Body of My 4-Month-28-Day Old Baby – My Story

By on January 19, 2017
i lost my beautiful wife

A Painful husband who lost his child and his wife wrote about the incident as a story. He said that – I Lost My Beautiful Wife . My wife fell down from the bike on 7th January at 6:40 am near Anna Nagar, later she was taken to Sundaram hospital which is nearby and they are treating the patient. After the treatment we were asked to rush to Apollo hospital as they got much advanced equipment to brain swelling. After the operation the response is negative and they said that she is five months pregnant. Both the baby and mom are struggling to be alive through ventilator, but later the baby was died after five days.



We donated the parts of our baby as me and my wife discussed earlier about this. I Lost My Beautiful Wife . Those parts can save at least eight children. On Jan 13th the doc handed over the baby and I cried like hell, and on the same day I lost my wife and I feel like I lost my soul.



The reason I am posting this is to take safety measures while driving, I wore the helmet and my wife is not wearing which lead the loss of two lives which is very huge than the helmet.


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