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How to use WI-FI without password

By on December 2, 2016

How to use WI-FI without password. When it comes to data consumptions, there are so many ways to use it like mobile data, WI-FI and Wi-Fi hotspot. One of the very famous and economical way of consuming data is WI-FI broadband because it is less expensive than the mobile data and speed is more reliable. Now the question arises hot to jailbreak into any WI-FI or how to use WI-FI without password? Let me articulate one thing very clearly, it is illegal to hack someone’s WI-FI but I will tell you a way by that you can access any WI-FI without knowing the password.

  1. The very first thing you should know that this way is meant to reset a password of any WI-FI in 10 seconds. By this way you can reset the password and use any WI-FI, if you have forgotten or if you want to startle your friends by your move.
  2. You use WI-FI at your home with the help of router, and the way lies in that router only. So for resetting the password go to the router, at the back you will notice 5 ports to insert data cables and a single port which is there for connecting the cable which supplies the power to router, why I am tell you this thing because you should be aware with back of router and this will help you locate the that button which resets the password. There is a very tinny hole beside the antenna in which you can insert a pin to press the button, use a pin, insert it and press and hold the button for 10 seconds and after 10 seconds the WI-FI  settings will be restored to default and it will get open for every person in that range of WI-FI.

So by this way and legally you can use anyone’s WI-FI without knowing the password.

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