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How To Identify Fake 10 Rs Coins?

By on November 4, 2016

Counterfeit money has been a big time issue in India.  No matter how strict our laws are and no matter what type of punishment the culprits receive in fake currency cases, they never back foot and end up doing the same thing.

From rupee coins to thousand rupee notes everything is being faked in India.  Fake currency rackets were making fake notes that are almost similar to the original ones and are targeting people who cannot differentiate between the original and duplicate notes.

How To Identify Fake 10 Rs Coins?

It was found that three rackets have been working in making these counterfeit notes.  In the past, fake notes used to be imported hugely from Pakistan and Bangladesh, but now local gangs became mavens in printing fake notes and are circulating them crazily.

Fake note gangs who have found out that people are now good at recognizing 500 and 1000 Rs fake notes shifted their focus on to making fake 10 Rs coins.  Crores worth fake 10 Rs coins were being made by fake note gangs and were being circulated.

We are here today to tell you how to differentiate between original and fake 10 Rs. coins.  If you have ever confronted with fake 10 Rs. Coins or have any doubt regarding the originality of the coin, make sure to use this method to find out.    

How to differentiate between original and fake 10/- Coin?

  1. The original coin contains 10 stripes whilst the fake one contains 15 stripes.


  1. For original con, 10 number will be placed in between silver and gold lining whereas, for duplicate one, the 10 number will only be present in the silver color.


  1. Original coin contains Rupee symbol in Hindi whereas fake coin don’t.


  1. The original coin contains Bharat in Hindi and India in English right below the state emblem of India in a horizontal position whereas the fake one contains the words on the sides of the coin.


  1. The original coin contains no horizontal lines on the symbol of state emblem whilst the fake one contains horizontal lines.


If in case, you come across such fake 10 rs coins in future make sure to report it to police immediately.

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