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How to change Your Hairstyle

By on November 30, 2016

How to change Your Hairstyle. The hair style for the boys is the most significant part of their personality.  One can’t think of having the same hairstyle all the time; in the vogue there are many hairstyles that anyone would love to follow and implement on themselves.

Let’s see which are the most significant hairstyles, which can be used-

1-Textured Quiff

The quiff for men over recent years has come and gone like anything in different variations, big or small, with a relaxed or structured cut. Now, in this trend is coming back in you and it would be adventurous with a textured quiff. This hairstyle is fairly easy to style with the right and precise products. It’s just about adding the depth and life to the hair without making it to look too structured and stiff. One can develop this one with a sharp cut especially through the back and sides and by leaving quite a lot of height on the top – this will create an aristocratic but natural look.


2-Man Bob

 Well, significantly we have seen that over the last few seasons many men’s have grown out their hair. Whether they chose to leave it down or pull it back into a man bun, it’s been something that we are commencing to grow tired of (no pun intended). Murdock’s Sam has forecasted that where in 2015 the hair length was below the collar bone, afterward men will be reducing this (in 2016) to below the shoulders for a much neater and sleeker look. The slight shorter hairstyle will instantly make the hair look fuller and neater all over, and this hairstyle gives a very precise look to one’s face. It is important when asking your stylist for this type of cut to make sure that you simply ask for textured ends to avoid it looking too feminine.


3-Side Parting

The side parting is a present time look, which is inspired by the 1960s, which has been pretty predominant in the recent seasons and it is here to stay in 2016. This hairstyle basically works for those one who have the thick hair, whether a pompadour style or the buzz cut. Most men have a natural quality of parting as their hair falls one way or the other. So, truly emphasize this by creating a deep side part that is faded and slightly undercut on one side, whilst structured on the other side. It can be a considered as the bold look if you want your hair to stand out; needless to say it’s still appropriate for the office and can be worn with both long and shorter hair.


So, just find out, which one will suit you.

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